Doug Watson Digital

Doug Watson

Doug Watson grew up in the Chicago suburb of Naperville. His earliest artistic influences came from Jack Kirby, Jim Steranko and Frank Frazetta. Growing up he loved to write almost as much as he loved to draw, inspired by characters and stories of fantastic adventure. After acquiring his BFA from Northern Illinois University Doug began a long and succesful career creating colorful art packages for the pinball and arcade video game industry. Over the next 17 years Doug contributed his talents to 30 pinball games and 50 arcade video games. He was sought out by the top designers in the industry for his expertise with motion picture licenses as well as for many original titles. In addition to artwork Doug was prized for his gifts for physical motion, voice acting, game feature design, thematic design, and team leadership for 11 years at Williams Bally Midway.

In 1998 with the home video game market exploding and the arcade game world fading Doug moved to California to join the team at Stormfront Studios in San Rafael. As a member of the Stormfront art staff he earned credits on Midway's Big League Baseball, Hot Wheels Racing, EA's NASCAR 2000, LEGO, The Legend of Alon D'ar, Prince of Persia, and EA's The Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers. LOTR was a huge project toward which Doug contributed the majority of character modeling and texturing as well as environmental props.

In the fall of 2003 Doug enrolled at Expression College for Digital Art in Emeryville California. While studying toward his BAS degree in Animation and Visual Effects he built friendships with members of the Expression faculty. Doug discovered that contributing his professional experience to the faculty as well as his fellow classmates was so rewarding that immediately upon graduation he had was recruited to begin teaching at the school.

Doug quickly progressed from Teaching Assistant to Course Director to Assistant Program Director of Fine Art.